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S-10 value

As much as I hate to do it ,I am considering selling my S-10. I need to figure the value. It's an 1989 S-10 Tahoe 4x4 with 4.3 auto. Loaded with all factory options.Bucket seats sun roof .It has ever option there was in 89. It however has been of the road for awhile and needs some work.I did the brakes they were frozen. The biggest thing it needs is a master cyl. The only real thing wrong with the body is rust around the windshield.Has 109 k on it. A/C will probably need to be converted .Has new window motors.Not trying to sell here ,just trying to get input on a realistic price.
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Something like that would be 1500ish in my area
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I agree with above.. Someone will take it off your hands for $1000.
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This was my my Dad's truck . He passed away since my first post. I decided to keep it and fix it. Have replaced the master cyl. and the right front still freezes up. has new calipers on it.Any ideas ? Does the small aluminum box under the master cyl that directs the fluid have valves in it ? Would like to find a diagram of the brake system.
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Can you push the caliper piston back in easily? (keep in mind the piston has to move squarely and may bind if "cocked" when pushing) If it does push easily, check the guide pins and areas where the pads slide on, clean and lube with silicone grease as needed.

If the piston is hard to push back or won't push, loosen the bleeder screw and try again, if it pushes back, the rubber flex hose may be collapsed inside. If it still doesn't push in the caliper is bad.
-Mitch K

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I remember when I totalled mine in 2012 when the engine sucked up a gallon of water in a flood. Full coverage insurance paid out a little over $4400 on a 11 yr old truck with 255k miles on it. I think I paid 5400 for it 7 or 8 years before that with only 120k miles. Not sure what they're worth now. I was pleasantly surprised when they offered that much.

So I took it, bought my truck back for a couple of hundred bucks and bought a new engine from Chevy Performance for just over $1500. Came out like a bandit on that one. Replaced the engine, took all the documentation to State Police and it passed inspection for a reconstructed title. I never planned on selling this truck so a reconstructed title means nothing to me.

So in the first 8 years, I put 120k+ miles on it. In the last 5,since the engine swap, I've put less than 10k on it. Last year, the insurance company tried to cancel my coverage saying I drove too many miles and it had to be less than 12k/year to qualify for the coverage I had. I had to provide documentation that showed I had put less than 10k miles in 5 years, much less 1 year.

Sorry for getting too far off topic. I agree with Mitch. Hose or a bad caliper. They're extremely easy to change on these trucks.

Sorry to hear about the loss of your Dad. I'd be lost without mine. And I'm 36 yrs old now. I was barely half that age when I registered here in 2001. Wow. I think I had my '95 Blazer at the time.

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