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Scorched Audi Harness

Started getting some random light out warnings on my '06 Audi A4 this week. Started as just a left turn signal out, then moved to a "Bremslicht" error, which I'm told means stoplight in german (BTW coding to euro light schemes in VAGCOM also apparently changes the warnings to german), with random reverse light and rear light out errors. Surely they didn't all die at once did they? Finally tore into it tonight and found that all 4 of the bulbs are in good shape, hrmm....what else could it be? After some more looking I noticed that the "center" pin on the connector was scorched, both harness and bulb holder side are this way.

Here's a couple pictures to show the damage. My guess is that the center pin is used as a common ground amongst all the lights hence the problem with them all at the same time.
Harness scorched:

Bulb Holder scorched:

Any idea what would have caused this? How do I fix it?

Most importantly....How do I prevent it in the future??

Also, I checked the passenger side, it looks just fine. No problem at all.

*edit*....Pics working now???....if not use this link.....https://goo.gl/photos/wAmURt7SqjCurhmw8 ......*/edit*

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pics not working.

In any electrical system resistance = heat. If there was a bad or lose connection it would cause heat to build resulting in fried insulation / brittle copper. Based on your report and not seeing the pics I'm assuming there was a bad connection causing the problem. The 1157 or whatever number bulb they are now really pull some current.
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Hot wiring is bad news.
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Fix connector(s), convert to LED bulbs for less current draw. Note: Not all LED bulb will work, you need the ones that are compatible with Audi CAN-BUS, ask me how I know.


Use VAG-COM to lower the current (brightness) of these particular bulbs. In 09 - Central Electronics you find the adaptation channels for your lighting as follows:

02-Brake Light Dimming - Mine was set to 22, and according to VAG-COM it has an upper limit of 40. I tried several different values thinking that it might make the brake lights brighter if I had a higher value. I even had my wife watch the brake lights (with my foot on the brake) as I changed values. She didn't notice a big change, but she noticed it getting brighter.

03-Tail Light Dimming - Again, mine was set well below the described upper limit. I didn't mess with this one as I don't mind how the tail lights look now.

04-Rear Fog Light Dimming - Once again, mine was set well below the listed upper limit. I increased mine to the upper limit.

05-DRL Dimming (Halogen) - Doesn't apply to our cars as we have the Bi-Xenons. There is a value of 92% intensity in there.

06-DRL Dimming (Bi-Xenon) - Mine was set at 92% intensity from the factory, but I don't ever use my DRLs. However, I do like the dimmed look when I run just my city lights so I changed the value from 92 to 60%, which made my DRLs dim down to 60% intensity. So, now I may actually run my DRLs since they are more dim.

07-DRL Fogs (Canada) - value for the intensity for Canadian DRLs, which are the Fog Lights.

One thing I did find interesting is that Channel 16, which is the Fog Light Cold Diagnosis is switchable on our cars (it was not switchable on my B7 A4). The Cold Diagnosis causes the system to test if there is a functioning bulb in the fog lights without turning the lights on, and when you disable this you don't get the warning if bulbs are burned out or missing from the fogs (ie DTM edition cars with no Fogs). I left my coding for this alone, but if someone wanted to remove their fogs, or potentially even replace their fogs with S6 LEDs, this could help avoid any issues requiring in-line resistors on that circuit. Not positive, though.

I'm guessing here, but when you changed your car to Euro lighting scheme maybe it bumped up the brightness % thus increasing your current draw on your harness / connectors.
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