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ummm, WHAT?
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Originally Posted by 2kwik4u View Post
Lots of threads on the FS Chevy Boards about getting just as good or better mielage from the GM 6.2 over the 5.3.......Interesting you are getting just slightly worse than I am with the 5.3.

Spend the money on a couple tanks of 93 with your regular driving habits. It's ~$15/tank for me at time of purchase. However, I've found that my mileage goes up just enough to make it $0.01/mi LESS expensive than 87 octane. Truck likes it better, I get slightly better mileage, and the total cost is comparable. I'll take it. It's worth investigating if you think it might be close!
I have a beater Protege that I drive most days. without winter weather involved I can got a couple weeks without touching the truck and when I do drive it, I find myself not driving "normally" and then regretting it afterwards. I think on my next road trip I am going to try 93 and see what happens.
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Besides general maintenance the only update on this pig is the door handles. Chrome was flaking off and slashing my damn fingers when opening the door so I replaced them. Got cheap $19 replacements off amazon, Autex brand. I know this sounds weird, but they feel great, whoever did the mold work / plating did a great job. Just had to pull the door panel, pop out the the handle assy, hammer out the hinge pin, replace handle, and reinstall. Took 30 min tops, including losing the slate grey door lock retainer in my rock driveway and having to find it as the sun went down.

Bought gear oil to change out the diff fluid front/rear. Rear is starting to make some noise under load. Also rear main seal is getting higher on the list, it's leaking pretty good. Was looking at what fun pulling the trans would be while I was working on it last night.
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Originally Posted by Teeleton
Hot wiring is bad news.
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