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The same just old :)
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Well - I get busy with work for the past couple of weeks, and this was the first thread I chose to read....just because I couldn't see how in the world Jeff could've been banned!

Then I read on

Their loss - they're losing out on someone with a wealth of knowledge, but you are ours. Muwhahaha all OURS! GO SSF

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Originally Posted by Nate
i made a decision awhile back to just not go there

I figured that's what (where) this was about, hence my flip comment before.
No great loss. To Jeff I mean.
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s10 forum has good info here and there. But its alot of stupid people bashing the sh!t out of others work. I have found tons of good information, but i mainly stick to the v8 forum and the baggin it section, and i lurk enough to know whos an idiot and not. The few members that are on this board, blazinlow, and s10forum and about the only usefull ones. I learned alot of things about air suspension from members, or rathers pictures of builds. I try to stay out of the BS drama, there a few great people on that site with ton of knowledge. But yea, theres also a sh!t ton of garbage.
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Sorry gotta lock and move to the archive section... cause I don't want this to be perceived as bashing...
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