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RIP Dave
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Dr. Nate
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Those were from the last nats that he attended in 2006.

Dave was strong, in many ways he was stronger then all of us. He didn't back down from his fight, he stood tall, he stood strong, and he made his life work. Dave defined courage, and what it is to be brave. He educated many here on what diabetes was, what renal failure was, and how important it is for us as a society to find cures.

I plan to attend, posted in HASTE after Teeleton that I am waiting on details.

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I always enjoy myself. Thats why I mostly butt connect.
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RIP Dave

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His mom thinks that sometime after I dropped him off that he suffered a stroke (he started to have one at dialysis this past week and they were able to stop it). The ambulance was called and they resuscitated him to the point that he was breathing and had a stable heart beat and he was transported to the hospital (keep in mind Dave had a DNR).

They put him on life support at St Mary's and before I could get there his heart stopped. His mom was there so they honored his wishes.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. The hardest thing last night was seeing his kids. I don't know yet what the plans will be for the funeral but I asked his mom to have it on the weekend if at all possible cause I know how many people would want to be there. What I didn't tell her was that one request he made of me a long time ago was to try and have as many trucks as possible at his funeral (he wanted 400). I am going to try and honor that request and get everyone I can that knew him to make the trip.

He also wanted me to make sure his Blazer would get finished. Patrick and Colt from DO stepped up last night and we will be working on that all winter, if you care to donate anything just let me know.

Here is the last picture of Dave. I took it last night at our club meeting.
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So terrible to hear this. My best to his family.
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RIP, I never met him but he seemed like a hell of a guy.
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As much as I want to, theres no way I can take the time off to make it, and my mini wouldn't make the trip without breaking down in Tennessee
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Funeral Arrangments

Saturday @ 2:00pm

Stockdale Funeral Home on Walnut and 28th in Rogers, AR
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Sh!t...I don't see a way I can go on Saturday. My wife is out of town. I don't really want to bring my 5 year old to it. I am seeing what I can do though...
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I am so sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. It's hard to hear that someone so special has been lost.
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Lame SS
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I'll miss you Dave
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