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By far the best way to bleed your clutch hydralic system

Mods if you would like make this a sticky. Had air in the clutch hydralics and clutch worked but didn't feel 100% right. Got myself a Mitty Vac mostly to try to get the air out of the ABS system on my truck. Did the clutch while I was at it and this procedure worked great. What was even better is you don't have to get under the truck to fight with that damned bleeder on the tranny.

M/T - Improved Hydraulic Clutch Bleeding Procedure

File In Section: 07 - Transmission/Transaxle

Bulletin No.: 01-07-31-002A

Date: September, 2004


Improved Bleeding Procedure for Hydraulic Clutch Release System

2005 and Prior Passenger Cars and Light Duty Trucks
2005 and Prior Chevrolet and GMC 6-7F T-Series Medium Duty Tilt Cab Models
2005 and Prior Isuzu F-Series Medium Duty Tilt Cab Models

This bulletin is being revised to add model years. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 01-07-31-002 (Section 07 - Transmission/Transaxle).

This bulletin is being issued to inform dealers of an improved procedure to aid in the ease of bleeding the clutch hydraulic system for the above listed vehicles. This procedure can be used anytime air is introduced into the hydraulic system. Following this procedure may also reduce the number of unnecessary parts replaced for low clutch pedal reserve and high shift effort.

1. Verify that all the lines and fittings are dry and secure.

2. Clean the dirt and grease from the reservoir cap in order to ensure that no foreign substances enter the system.

3. Remove the reservoir cap.

4. Fill the reservoir to the proper level with the required fluid.

5. Attach the J 43485 (Adapter) to the J 35555 (Mity Vac) or equivalent.

Important: Brake fluid will deteriorate the rubber on J 43485. Use a clean shop cloth to wipe away the fluid after each use.

6. Place and hold the adapter on the reservoir filler neck to ensure a tight fit. In some cases, the adapter will fit into the reservoir opening.

7. Apply a vacuum of 51-68 kPa (15-20 hg) and remove the adapter.

8. Refill the reservoir to the proper level.

9. Repeat Steps 6 and 7.

10. If needed, refill the reservoir and continue to pull a vacuum until no more bubbles can be seen in the reservoir or until the fluid level no longer drops.

Caution: The vehicle will move if started in gear before the Actuator Cylinder is refilled and operational Start the vehicle the first time in neutral to help prevent personal injury from vehicle movement and see it the transmission will shift easily into gear.

11. Pump clutch pedal until firm (to refill actuator cylinder).

12. Add additional fluid if needed.

13. Test drive vehicle to ensure proper operation.
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good stuff, it sounds like this can be done alone also which i like, no more calling random people in my phone book looking for some help bleeding a clutch

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damn, where was this last year when i struggled for 2 days to bleed mine I vote sticky as well
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So is it actually as easy as it sounds in the steps?
So does it work that easily on the brake system too?

I plan on redoing the brakes at all four corners of my truck, and your threads on not being able to bleed them have had me scared
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Originally Posted by chevy42083
So is it actually as easy as it sounds in the steps?
So does it work that easily on the brake system too?

I plan on redoing the brakes at all four corners of my truck, and your threads on not being able to bleed them have had me scared
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Where can i get that adaptor for the reservoir?

You dont hapen to have a pic of one do you??
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Also ive been using a vacumn pump to bleed brakes for several years and it works great, only been burned on a brake job once and had to take the car down to a local shop to have them activate the ABS module because i coulnt get all the air out of it. But other than that its all good.
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Let's dig up a 4 y/o thread and post a lame deceptive ad, yeah, that works.

Can MK or someone delete my post and the previous one please.
Kick the spammer to the curb while yer at it. Thanks.
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