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Time for housecleaning here?

I just found a post in these TOTM sub-boards, by a member whose STILL ACTIVE!

Looks like all the rest in TOTM - maybe 9 of 10, aren't on the boards anymore.

Kinda' hard even to tell which year (or decade) is for nomination now too!

Maybe it's time to delete the TOTM sub-boards here guys (or update / modify them)? It kind of looks like an old shop where there's leftover parts - some valuable parts, some junk parts, just lying around gathering dust, and no one works there anymore.

From another TOTM thread (2005):
Lack of intrest. We couldn't get enough nominations to open the vote, so there wasn't one.
For starters, maybe load a live 'Chatbox' on the boards, and eliminate 'personal' 11-year-old chatboxes, under the guise of 'Member's Projects', where any particular member isn't doing anything with his / her truck ATM... Get a CAMERA, GET A WRENCH, and get BUSY. EVEN IF YOUR GARAGE IS EMPTY, GET OLD PARTS INTO A PARTS CLEANER, AND START ANTI-RUST / PARKERIZATION ON YOUR JUNK PARTS - SEE HERE Parkerization Process HOW TO starts @ post 11:

For personal digital journals, I think they have web logs [blogs] that might better serve idle chat. And maybe don't even clog up the web, wasting electrons, with a blog - get wrenching, or forget it.

Just my $0.02 here...

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A chatbox might be nice maybe it will help pick it up more here. Glad my truck isn't nice enough for any expect the scrapyard album
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