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Originally Posted by bluex View Post
Nice truck, I'd really like a crew cab Canyon. I wouldn't have to have the diesel but I'd want a loaded up one an they are over 30k used still. Too rich for my blood especially with the lease deal I get through work.
I loved pretty much everything about the Canyon, but the only way I was buying one was with the diesel. I love the GMC nose and how much it looks like the full size at first glance. But GMC pricing as you know is a bit pricey. And finding a used Canyon crew cab 6 foot bed with diesel has proven all but impossible. So that relegated me to "settling" for the Colorado. It's not a bad looking truck, but, to me, it's also not a good looking truck either.
It's weird my 2 top picks for vehicles couldn't be more different.
The least fuel economic F150 you could buy with the biggest Gas V8 offered that can't even break into the 20's for mpg
a mid-size truck with a 4 cyl diesel engine that gets 30+ mpg.

The diesel is a big gray area for me. I've never owned one (although my mom had a F250 for quite a few years with the 6 Liter) not have I owned any other turbocharged engine, much less a small displacement one. And as much as I know the mpg's would be nice, I really have gotten used to the off-the-line punch of that 5.0 Coyote engine and I was a bit worried that unless I did a delete and tune and some decent modding on that 2.8 diesel, I was just never going to be happy with it's performance. Reading on forum's and facebook pages dedicated to them, even with being tuned and deleted, they are still only running as quick in the 1/4 mile as my stock 5.0 4x4 F150. It wasn't until you start getting into BIG $$$ mods that they started getting quick. diesel's are a whole different breed, and I'm just not sure if I could live with one on a daily basis.

I've been thinking about how convenient it would be to own a smaller truck. But one of the biggest reasons I was thinking about a smaller truck was so when the wife and I go on some our long distance road trips, she could share driving duties. She couldn't and thus wouldn't drive either of last 2 F150's because they were too big to her and she just wasn't comfortable with the the size. The Coly/Can twins really aren't any smaller than the reg cab short bed F150 I had 2 trucks ago. And she didn't want to drive it either. Adding to the decision factor was, again the road trips. We have been known to sleep in the truck on some of these trips. The regular cab was only possible because I had a cap I would put on for trips and a sleeping platform in the bed. It worked for us, but wasn't ideal. Truck 2 was the suicide door extended cab. It was a nice upgrade over the regular cab, but it created a "stuff or sleep" dilemma. If we put our stuff in the cab, we had to have the cap and sleeping platform. If we put the stuff in the bed, it made the cab a lot more usable, but still only comfortable for one person to sleep, so we still needed the cap. Mind you, this wasdn't a huge ordeal until Spring of 2017 when we took a trip to Florida to see a good friend and spent a rainy, 45-50 degree night in the bed with no heat or insulation. Just a blanket and each other. Needless to say it wasn't a good nights rest. literally just enough to recharge enough to keep driving and nothing more.
On top of that I honestly think the Coly/Can would have filled up quite a bit faster with all our stuff and just would have been a more cramped trip overall.
The crew cab F150 is just plain CAVERNOUS inside. In a pinch I could legitimately sleep on the rear floor with the rear seat in the down position WHILE the wife sleeps on the rear seat and I've actually had some brain storms about pulling the rear seat completely for the trips and having a completely flat platform in the cab for both of us to sleep on, all while still having the entire bed for my tools and our bags and any other crap we decide to bring with us, or happen to purchase during the trip and bring home.

Overall, when I factored in the lack of dual zone climate for the wife, the smaller size possibly being cramped for trips, most likely buying a chevy which I still wasn't 100% sold on the looks, and the gray area of owning a 4 cylinder diesel, it just seemed like there was a lot of possibility for regret and thus getting ANOTHER truck soon down the road, while also taking the risk that I may want out of it too soon into the loan and taking a healthy loss. I just think the F150 crew was a much better fit for our needs than the GM midsize twins.
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Originally Posted by MPETE View Post
I'm not as anti-car payment as you. But I was, and still am VERY leery of paying this much for this long of a term on a used truck. But, after A LOT of soal searching I convinced myself that the major components of this truck are super reliable, thus the reason why I searched out the 6.2 to begin with. So as long as the minor components don't give me a hassle after the warranty is up I think I am going to own this truck for a long time.

Value-per-dollar I feel like I won the dang lottery here. My last truck ended up being around the same overall price as what I am paying for this one, But I have a whole lot more truck. I was able to get online on the Ford dealer based web system and print out a condensed copy of the original window sticker. In Canadian coins, this truck was $67,029 which in good ole muricun dollars, its around $53,5xx!
In what world do I, a blue collar schmuck who slings parts across the counter to grease monkeys, drive a 4 y/o truck that originally sold for over 50k. That just blows my mind. I do feel I got a great price on it, but even still it just doesn't seem like real life for me to have such a truck. I'm insanely proud of this thing.
I'm the same way in many regards.

Value per dollar on my Sierra is so much better than the SS. It really is like I traded a small amount of fun to drive for a HUGE amount of utility. This truck is the most "swiss army knife" feeling of anything I've ever owned. I've taken colleagues and business owners to jobsites, and events with it, and not had to be worried about reliability, or being "nice enough" on the interior for them. I've been taking supplies to/from jobsites with it and it fits in just fine in that roll as well. Had a shop truck (F250 gasser with 350k miles) fail on us during a critical stage of delivery of equipment, and I was able to quickly hook up to the trailer and drag it to site and get the job done. Caught a LOT of flack from the crew for "abusing" such a nice truck, but it did the job just fine with no issue. It really does do just about anything I need it to, and looks good doing it.

I'm also much of the same feeling as you in terms of having something this nice. The window sticker on mine was just over $53k as well. I couldn't have imagined even a few years ago having something this nice. I'm constantly amazed I'm allowed to even drive the thing, much less own it. If it's even half as reliable as my old Yukon, I'll have this for MANY more years to come. Had 189k on the Yukon when I gave up on it. That's 149k more miles to go on the Sierra, and at 15k/year that's almost another 10yrs of driving I hope to get out of it!
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