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I expected more from a Dart

Not sure what the Rallye (looks like the fish walleye to me btw) package on the new Dart entails, but it isn't impressive acceleration that's for certain.

The last 6 miles of my commute are on a 4-lane divided highway, with stoplights about every 2 miles or so. It drops to one lane about 2 miles after the last light. I'm in the left lane at the last light of the stretch, and a brand spankin new Dart (I saw the temp plates on his "fly by" later) pull sup next to me. Light goes green and he lays down some tire and takes off. I'm caught COMPLETELY off guard (I'm on my commute, I'm not looking for anything at this point), but quickly decide to see what the deal is. At 40 I was even, at 60 I was a car ahead, at 80 I was about 3 cars ahead, and when I shut it down at 95 (55 zone ) I was a full bus length ahead. I stood on the brakes, and let him come around me as I settled back to the 55-60 range that everyone seems to drive. Saw the temp plates has he flew by.

I really did expect more, especially considering I was in the Focus not the Audi. I thought those things had a turbo on them, or were somehow otherwise intended to be faster?!?!? Guess marketing works on me, they sure look faster on TV
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It's a Dodge. /comment
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Originally Posted by Teeleton
Hot wiring is bad news.
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ummm, WHAT?
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not all of them are turbo. and they are only a 1.4L.
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Originally Posted by MPETE View Post
not all of them are turbo. and they are only a 1.4L.
The Rallye's are turboed. Still no better than a 2.8 na.
Or in this case, slower than a 2.0L na.
Maybe the guy didn't know how to drive? Either way...bleah.

A little quick google-foo netted some specs and 0-60 times:

Dart Rallye 1.4L MultiAir Turbo, 160 HP, 184 lb/ft, curb weight 3300 lbs:
8.1 sec

Focus SE hatch, 2.0L na,160HP, 146 lb/ft , curb weight 2900 to 2950 lbs:
7.7 sec

So... almost 40 more lb/ft of torque, which he blew off as wheelspin, and he's gotta haul around 400 lbs of fat.

Light makes might.
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