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Lightbulb Sleeper Install MSD 6AL in 2001 4.3 S10 "How to" 56k beware

How to install a MSD 6AL Ignition Control pn#6420 into a 2001 S10 4.3 "Sleeper Style"

I couldn't find any suitable locations immediately and remembered there was some space under the battery. I did some preliminary fitting by attaching the vibration mounts and physically checking if it would fit. It fits in there tightly and there was some minor cutting involved. Now lets get started!

1a) Turn the wheel full right before getting started
1b) Disconnect and remove the battery from its place:

1c) Remove the battery tray(Note how the battery tray looks stock cause I'll be modifying this later in the steps):

1d) Beneath all this is this little area. All those thick gauge cables can be pushed to the side for the 6AL to fit:

2a) To place the 6AL in an exact spot, make a template out of cardboard and attach it to the bottom of the unit with the vibration mounts:

2b) Place the 6AL with the template attached against the fender well. Its best to use only the two top(with harness going towards driver side) vibration mounts for this step. Place the battery tray back into its exact stock position so the 6AL will be pushed down a little. Then remove the tray again and tape the template into position(You should get something like this):

3a) Using a Side Drill, drill the two top holes from the inside. One thing 'bout using the vibration mounts for installing is the drilled out holes does not need to be exact. So long its within a few 32's
3b) Remove the template and screw it down on the outside wheel well(Remember I told you to turn the wheel full right before we started.)
3c) Drill out the last two holes from the wheel side. Wasn't that easy?:

4a) Lets prepare the 6AL for this application. Since the 6AL rev limiter was meant for a 8-cylinder we need to cut a wire in here:

4b) Unscrew the black cap and you'll find this:

4c) For V6 motors well need to cut the red wire and move it away from each other. Use a small screwdriver to lift the red wire up then cut it:

4d) Place the cap back on
4e) Also attach the RPM module to the rev limiter. I used a 6000 since thats what the truck gauge states. I hope thats correct. :blink:

5) For the 6AL to be secured we need to only use 3 of the 4 vibration mounts. In step 3c the picture has red circle around one hole. You well not be using the vibration mount for this hole. Instead you'll just use a nut and bolt.
What it should look like from inside:

from fender well:

6a) So the 6AL doesn't hit the battery tray it needed to be modified so it looks like this installed(Dont mind the roughness of the cut. I needed to use a drill cause my cutoff wheel was at my brothers house):

6b) Install the battery and secure it down, but dont hook it up yet.

7a)The final steps are to connect the electrical connections. If you bought the MSD wiring harness pn#8877 this will be hella easy:

7b) Connect the harness to the coil and cut the 6AL wires to length so you dont have any excess. Remember black to black, orange to orange, red to red, and white to white:

8a) Last step is to connect the 6AL's 12v+ and - wires to the battery. My top posts were not being used so I went ahead and bought 2 top post terminals and attached it like so:

9) Connect your battery cables and you're done! Congrats on the new install.

What I really like 'bout this installation is no one can tell if I put in a 6AL. Engine bay still looks very much stock. hehe...
Hope y'all like this. As you can tell Im not much of a writer
2001 S10 X-Cab 4.3-4L60E:
NA: 16.704@79.48mph
w/n2o: 13.893@98.24mph
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