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I don't know....
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The end?

Is this the end? 3 days of no new posts...

This may be the quietest it's ever been.
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Jeff is being lazy this week lol

And I just don't post without PB working anymore...lame with no pics lol
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remember us?
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sadly I think current events have most preoccupied.
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I am being a tad lazy but also going through hardcore softball stuff w/ the daughter and family things. Spending a little more time w/ my wemmens and not getting much time in the garage. I had about 4 hrs in the garage this weekend total. Ended up getting the crossmember drilled for engine mounts, painted the firewall (after filling in the unused holes), cleaned all the old paint/grease/dirt/sand/rust off the wheelwells in prep for paint. I started on cleaning the heater box but it was raining hard, couldn't use the blast cabinet from all the humidity so I had to hold off. Honestly stopped on my way out the door this morning and sprayed the part of the well under the battery tray with rust inhibitor as it's in bad shape, couldn't last night because it wouldn't dry.

I am pecking on the Chevelle, but am slowly coming to the realization that I won't be able to snap it back together like an s-series and be happy with it. So I'm really taking a hard look at what needs to be done to keep it on the road for a while once I get it together. I'm going to replace the pass floorboard w/ sheetmetal to get rid of the gaping hole there, won't be factory correct since I'm not getting replacement floorboard, but it will be sealed, safe, and ward off rot. Just taking a little more time to do things that really need to be done. I'll be surprised if I get the car together and running soon. I'm not trying to get a concourse resto, just trying to get it good enough to not have to make too many excuses.

Here's my girl back on the field pitching after knee surgery last year, I'm proud she's gotten back out there and is doing her thing.

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Originally Posted by Teeleton
Hot wiring is bad news.

Last edited by Hotwire; 10-09-2017 at 10:27 AM.
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Torque moves me.
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ummm, WHAT?
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I'm currently fighting some back pain issues and seeing a chiropractor 2-3 times a week. Back pain just doesn't make me want to go bend over under the hood and mess with stuff.
Even without the pain I've been a bit dejected lately when it come to the S10. After a several hundred miles put on the truck since replacing the distributor, the dreaded misfire seems to be slowly creeping back. It's no where near as bad as it was before the dizzy, but there is definitely another misfire. Still haven't even gotten the AC stuff I bought at the end of the summer installed yet, and now this. I picked up Delco cap, rotor, and plug wires, hoping to pick up some plugs too.
On top of that I am still fighting a sticking rear brakes situation on the right rear, more common first thing in the morning. I've changed all the hardware, wheels cylinders readjusted multiple times and it still wants to lock the right rear tire up every time I touch the brakes for the first few brake applications each time I drive it after an overnight sit. I've had just about enough. I have everything I need to swap in my disc brake rear except new hoses. I was hoping to get the zexel diff I've had on the shelf for 15 years or so slapped into the disc rear before I did the swap, but I may just slap it in without the zexel.
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Partially retarded
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been busy here. got a chore list a mile long but not much time to do it.

Id like to get some new tires and install a trutrack on the denali before the weather gets bad. also need tires on the daily beater.
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