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Second Gen 4x4 Info Thread

2nd Gen 4WD stuff:

Biggest tire on a stock (non-ZR2) truck/Blazer: 30x9.50s on stock wheels
Biggest tire on a stock ZR2 truck/Blazer; the stock 31s on stock wheels
All 4WDs came with the same size stock wheels, 15x7 with 6" of backspacing
4th Gen F-body wheels fit on 4WD trucks/Blazers.
Aftermarket wheels on a stock height truck must be as close to stock BS as possible or rubbing will occur.

The following susp. lifts are made for the 2nd gen 4WDs:
2" Superlift/Rough Country: consists of new UCAs and t-bar keys
5" Trailmaster: full drop down kit, maintains stock front end angles (except d-shafts)
5" BDS: " "
6" Superlift: " "
7" Truckin' Suspensions: not familiar with this brand, but they are not a well respected company. All of the above lifts except the Trailmaster and TS are available for both reg. trucks/Blazers and ZR2s...they do have diff. part #s, though. The Trailmaster and TS lifts are for reg. trucks/Blazers only.

If you own an Autotrac (4 buttons) vehicle, you will need a new front driveshaft made because the stock one will vibrate and fail due to it's spinning all the time. Instatrac (3 button) vehicles can use the stock front d-shaft, but will eventually need a new one (if you use 4WD often) because of the increased angle of the shaft. Tom Woods is one company that can make these shafts for you.

Performance Accessories and BDS make 2" bodylifts, all of the neccessary parts are included.
Trail master makes a 3" kit that some have modifed to fit newer years (it's for '94 and older). This modification consists mainly of elongating the steering column holes to allow the column to drop enough so it doesn't bind when turning.

Cranking the torsion bars will yield anywhere from 1-2" of front end height. Anything over an 1" or so will cause accelerated wear on the front end components. An alignment is neccessary afterwards. The t-bar adjusment bolts are located at the crossmember where the torsion bars are. Tightening them raises the truck...be sure to jack the front tires off the ground first. Generally speaking, 1 turn=1/4 of an inch height increase.

Rear shackles and/or AALs (add-a-leafs) will raise the rear end. Each one will raise the rear about 1.5-2". Often times, owners of ZR2 Blazers will have to use both methods to level their trucks because over time these models sag badly in the rear. Shackles don't affect ride, AALs make the ride stiffer and are harder to install.
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