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A notice to new and old members about Sig Lines.

Hello and welcome to SSF.com. Your love for automobiles, especially S-Series Trucks has brought you to one of the best Forums on the Internet. Here at SSF.com we are pretty lax bunch; there are only a few rules we ask you to follow. One that is heavily enforced is the length of Signature lines. Some message boards wont allow them, but we do, we want to know what you have, it allows us to know you on a personal basis.

All that we ask is you keep it between 4-6 lines. This has a few purposes.

1) Some of us surf this board while at work, and well, we need to move quickly from thread to thread and scrolling thru a 15-line signature every other post is not favorable.

2) Everyone has different settings on their computer, so your 10 line sig might be 15 lines on someone else’s.

3) The pages load quicker. Sure in a thread where there are 1 or 2 posts it does not matter, but when the get long, it starts to add up on bandwidth.

So, how can you accurately show off your great ride? We like to suggest that you get a small website from one of the free servers on the net, from your sig or from the "www." bar in the member profile you can direct us to your site where we can admire your hard work and dedication.

Two 'warnings' will be given about excessive sig lines. After that the Moderators and Administrators reserve the right to turn off your sig all together.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter,

The Moderators and Administrators of SSF.com

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