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4x4 Lift kits

Lift kits available for your IFS 4x4 S-series

Superlift 2" lift kit:
This kit comes with new torsion bar adjuster keys that attach to the rear end of the torsion bars. These load the torsion bars and determine vehicle ride height. Replacement tubular, upper control arms make realignment possible. For rear lift, the options are add-a-leafs and/or shackles. This lift is known to cause premature wear of CV boots, ball joints, idler arms and pitman arms due to the more severe angles created by the upper a-arms and t-bar crank. Although 2" to 3" can be achieved using this lift, that is the maximum and will increase wear.

Rough Country 2" lift kit:
This kit is very similar to the Superlift 2" lift. It also comes with new torsion bar adjuster keys to lift the front and new upper control arms. For rear lift it provides shackles. Also included are front shock relocation brackets and polyurethane bushings.

Trailmaster 5" lift kit:
This kit comes with differential drop bracketry which helps maintain factory C.V. joint angles. It includes new steering center link tie-rod extensions and shocks. However, because it utilizes stock upper a-arms, you need to cut them for shock clearance. Rear lift is achieved by relocating the leaf springs from bottom to top of axle. This lift is also not without problems, in some trucks there doesn't seem to be enough camber adjustment, which causes the insides of both front tires to wear VERY badly due to the tops of the tires are still laid in about 2.5 degree's. This is caused by the way in which drop brackets are mounted. If they are a fraction of an inch off it could cause this problem. The best correction is adding the upper control arms from the Superlift 2" or Rough Country 2" lift. Depending on the amount you go off-road, you will see premature wear of idler arms, pitman arms and halfshafts. If you use the kit with stock, cut upper control arms they may break.

BDS 5" & 6" lit kits:
These kits also use differential drop bracketry. However, instead of tie-rod extensions, a dropped center steering link is supplied as well as new upper control arms for appropriate shock clearance. Also included are brake line relocation brackets and one-piece front & rear cross members that increase frame rigidity and are locked together with a differential skid plate. Rear lift is achieved by rear spring over axle conversion.

Superlift 6" lift kit:
This kit comes with bracketry that lowers the factory upper & lower control arms 6". Both front & rear ‘legs’ of each upper control arm are captured by a single bracket then additionally strengthened with cross members. Rigidity is further increased by a unique belly-pan that connects the two lower control arm cross members. A new "dropped" centerlink and Centerlink Stabilizing System to support the centerlink, prevent premature pitman and idler arm wear. Front CV axle angles are addressed by lowering the differential 5 1/2". Rear lift is achieved by relocating the leaf springs from bottom to top of axle.

Body Lifts
are the cheapest way to lift your S-10; by lifting your S-10 you gain extra room for bigger tires. Pros of body lifts include stock ride characteristics and a taller stance. Some people dont like body lifts because the frame is exposed, this can be corrected by installing Nurf Bars and Gap Guards. 2 body lifts are available for 84-04 S-10s and 3 body lifts are available 84-94 S10s and one company makes 3 body lifts for S-10s up to 97 and this kit can be modified to work on late model S-10s as well.

For more lift, you can do a solid axle swap. Most people opt to fabricate their own SAS. There is one place that provides somewhat of a SAS Kit and this would be Fabritech Motorsports

Fabritech SAS (Solid Axle Swap)
For 9 or 11 inchs of lift. It provides a Dynatrac Dana 44 that is setup externally like a Dana 30 Cherokee front end. For the rear, the kit includes nothing, as they recommend a spring over relocation and lift blocks. The front coils, steering, and brake lines come with the kit. You will have supply the front shocks, housing, and all the rear suspension components. The kit includes the following: Driver's and Passenger's Coil towers w/ bump stop assys., Adj. trac bar and adjuster, Coil tower support bar, Upper and Lower 4 link bars, Rear 4-link mounting brackets, Rear trans. x-member, Upper 4-link mounts, Coil retaining hooks, Front coils and brake lines, Pitman arm, Tie rod assy., Drag link assy., Bushings and Hardware. FYI-They DO NOT sell to individuals, only to 4wd/speed shops. For more info, see: www.setstr8.com
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Park BDS only has 5" kits to my knowledge.
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